I began working in the nonprofit sector in 1990 with a job at the Colorado Nonprofit Association and I’ve never looked back.  In my six years with the state association, I answered the “hotline” for hundreds of nonprofit organizations, edited the bi-monthly newsletter, NONPROFIT COLORADO, and produced eight publications on fund raising, legal and tax issues, accounting, ethics, and the media.  In 1996, I went to work for my colleague, Richard Male, in his national publishing and consulting firm. I was the editor for five major grant guides for New York, New Jersey, California, and Ohio.

I’ve run my own consulting business since 2000, working with local and national nonprofits. Projects have included fund raising, grant writing, research, publications, and strategic planning.  In addition to creating compelling fund raising materials, I specialize in making technical and legal issues accessible and entertaining for the lay reader.


For 25 years I’ve worked with Colorado and national nonprofits—and I love this work! 

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