Publications and Promotional Materials


The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law – Third Eddition, 2015 (editor)

California, New Jersey, New York State, Ohio and Pennsylvania grants guides – Grants Guides Plus/ 1996-2000 (editor)


The Audit Process, Colorado Association of Nonprofit Organizations—CANPO* (editor)

Conducting an Ethics Audit: A Checklist for Nonprofits, CANPO (co-writer)

Hiring and Firing Within the Law in Colorado, CANPO (editor)

Laws Governing Charitable Solicitations in Colorado, CANPO (editor)

Media Directory for Nonprofits, CANPO (editor)

Rules and Regulations Every Nonprofit Should Know, CANPO (writer)

Social Enterprise: Preparing Your Organization for Internal & External Success, AddVenture Network—International Youth Foundation (writer)

Strategic Planning Workbook for Independent Living Centers, Richard Male & Associates/New York Association on Independent Living (writer)  

Providers Resource Clearinghouse Welfare-to-Work Training Manual (writer/editor)

Warren Village Replication Manual (editor)


Mainstream, Disability Law Colorado’s twice-yearly newsletter (writer/editor since 2006)

Nonprofit Colorado, bimonthly newsletter, 1992-1996 (editor)


Bayaud Industries 2000 Annual Report

Denver Children’s Advocacy Center Annual Reports 2005-2013

Disability Law Colorado's Annual Report to the Legislature on the Older Americans Programs (2004-2014)

National Council of Nonprofit Associations (NCNA)

      ·  2000 & 2001 Annual Reports

      ·  Multiple Voices-Common Values: A Renewed Vision for the Nonprofit 


      ·  Nonprofit Agenda: A Blueprint for Action

The Louis & Harold Price Foundation 2004 and 2005 Annual Reports

Warren Village: Creating a Culture of Success in Transitional Housing Programs

*Now the Colorado Nonprofit Association

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